Beard Restoration Treatment

At the Neo Hair Institute, we can help cover scars in the beard, make the beard thicker, connect missing sections, and cover up any gaps, offering a uniform appearance and the full beard you desire.

There’s no doubt about it. Beards are in. Whether you’re a hipster strolling the streets of San Francisco or a mountain man living in Merced, there’s something to be said about sporting a full, thick beard. Big beards are so popular that there’s even been a recent surge in the number of men who are undergoing beard restoration procedures.

Think of it like a hair transplant, but for your face. Men all over the country are interested in boosting up their beards. And they’re not just hipsters who want to look cool. They’re businessmen. Guys who suffer from scars on their face. Normal everyday dudes who just want fuller facial hair. Men from all walks of life are turning toward beard restoration to attain the look they desire.

At the Neo Hair Institute, we believe anyone who wants to sport a fuller beard should be able to do so. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best, which is why we offer beard restoration using follicular unit extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft. For men with a patchy, thinning, or scarred beards, we can help restore your facial hair to what you want it to be. We offer several treatments for beard restoration, all of which are minimally-invasive, have a quick recovery time, and will leave you looking (and feeling) your best.

Beard Scar Repair

It’s likely safe to say that no one enjoys having a scar on their face. Having a scar anywhere can be unsightly, but having a scar on the face can make us feel particularly self-conscious. Scars on the face can occur from an injury, acne, accidents, surgery, burns, and more. Whatever the cause may be, having a scar on the face can be a serious hindrance.

Did you know however, that the same hair transplants that are done to restore hair on the head can be done to cover scars on the face? If you’ve got scarring in the area of your beard, you’re well-aware that hair doesn’t typically grow over scars. Hair transplant restoration can change this.

Scars occur when the dermis (the thick layer of skin that is under the epidermis) is damaged. To close the lesion, the body produces collagen fibers which help the healing process, but also leave a scar in its place.

Scar tissue isn’t the same as the original skin tissue, typically leaving the skin pale and pink where the injury occurred. When the body creates too much collagen during the healing process, scars can become dark and elevated. When someone experiences an injury that produces a deep laceration, the hair follicles of the area can also become damaged. This can make it impossible to grow hair where the injury took place.

This is when beard scar restoration can literally change your entire appearance. Beard scar repair using the FUE procedure extracts healthy hair follicles and places them in or around the scarred area. This allows for new hair to regrow over the scar, hiding its appearance…and giving you the look you desire.

Beard scar repair typically only takes a relatively small number of hair grafts to complete the procedure. Using NeoGraft, grafts are gently expelled from the harvest site, then carefully placed in or around scar tissue, following the natural pattern of beard growth. This results in natural looking, seamless scar coverage in the area of the beard.

Make Thicker Beard

Those who are looking to sport the coveted, thick beard will find it easy to attain with beard restoration and repair. In a simple procedure using the FUE technique with NeoGraft, hair is sourced from the donor area, then easily transferred onto areas of the beard where hair is thinner.

This simple, outpatient procedure takes only a few hours. And you’ll be back engaging in your regular, every day activities in just a couple of days. Anyone who’s struggled to grow the thick, full beard they desire, can finally have it by undergoing this minimally-invasive hair transplant technique.

Cover Gaps in Beard

Have you given your beard plenty of opportunity and time to grow into something Grizzly Adams would be envious of…and are still seeing gaps and patchy places? You’re definitely not alone. All beards are not created equal. And while some guys can grow them and look like they just stepped out of GQ, many men struggle with spotty beard growth with gaps that are noticeably visible.

A quick visit to our office can change all of this. A FUE facial hair transplant can cover the gaps in your beard, leaving you with the full, thick beard that isn’t impossible to attain. If you’ve tried everything, but still can’t seem to grow a beard Gandalf would be jealous of, it could be time to consider FUE with NeoGraft beard gap restoration.

Connect Sections in Beard

Growing a beard doesn’t always turn into what we envision it to be. For some, growing a well-rounded beard isn’t a problem. Others can experience patches where beard growth is minimal, or even entire sections of their beard that just don’t come together. It’s frustrating. You’ve got the beard growth, just not in all the right places.

Beard restoration and repair with NeoGraft can help. In a simple FUE procedure, hair is harvested from the sides or back of the scalp, then carefully placed in the areas of the beard that need to be connected. If you’ve given your beard plenty of time to flourish, but it still isn’t filling in, FUE beard restoration could be the solution you’ve been looking for.